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In the Foundation Stage we provide opportunities for children to explore a variety of 'locations' through small world play. We immerse the children in their immediate environment and encourage them to make comments on things they like and dislike.

Key Stage 1 children begin to develop their skills to be able to 'think like a geographer'. We begin in Year 1 with a focus on simple maps and learning the location of our school before moving on to the UK. In Year 2, learning expands to our local area and beyond using globes and atlases and developing knowledge of the rest of the world. 


We are lucky to live in a coastal town which is near to the Lake District and use this to our advantage with walks and visits. We love exploring our local area, we often visit the beach to create artwork, visit  the library, local museum and other attractions. 

We live in a beautiful town called Maryport

Sunbeams and Nursey Geography

Reception Geography