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The School Vision

The School Vision


Working together to find the spark in every child and fan it into a flame.


Grasslot Infant School aims to:


  • Provide a secure, happy, stimulating atmosphere in which all children are encouraged to develop and learn in a confident, enquiring and imaginative manner. 
  • Nurture self-motivated, self-disciplined children who can work together in harmony and extend this into the community in which they live. 
  • Encourage honesty, good manners and good behaviour which are valued within the school community.


Strategic Intentions


Know about and make healthy lifestyle choices with regard to diet, everyday exercise options, recreational alcohol and drug (including smoking) use, stress management.


Create a caring learning environment where all members of the school community feel free from intimidation and anti social behaviour; safe from bullying (including cyber bullying) and discrimination.


Develop a stimulating, broad and rich curriculum through which every child will achieve excellence and enjoyment.


Promote a social conscience with socially acceptable behaviour in school which extends into the community.


To develop every child’s self esteem, confidence and aspirations for their own future.